What is your way to keep track of marketing seeding campaigns?

When I finish an article, it’s time to marketing my work. First, duplicate it into a specific folder for marketing, since the main post is to post in website and has the full-fledged HTML, while all marketing platforms only support limiting styling options. Plus that they occasionally need to be tailor to the targeted audiences.

In the marketing folder campaign I have 2 subfolders: seeding contents and seeding locations. In each seeding content, each time I seed in a location I put the time and link to the location at the bottom line. Then I head over the note for the location to fill more detail info. In there the heading is the day I want to track. Each line begins with the current time, then whatever info I need to track. They can be the states (pending, accepted, rejected) or results (number of likes, hearts, comments, shares) of the post. Sometimes it can be the feedback of a specific reader or some behaviors of the people I want to gain their attention.

Is there any thing to improve or optimize this workflow? If you have your own workflow can you share it?