What is with the recording function these days?

What I’m trying to do

Use the recording function (that little microphone symbol in the ribbon) to record audio coming out of my Macbook Air speakers. I am using Obsidian 1.4.14. The Mac OS is 13.5.2

Things I have tried

Clicking on the little mic. Summoning the command palette and choosing “Start Recording”. Neither works. In earlier versions of O, the recording starts – I can see it in the note. Now, I see nothing. Nothing happens. What’s going on? Is Record for Mac broken? I can’t find any bug reports when I search record in the Bug forum. So I’m a bit mystifed. Record still works on my iPhone, though it sometimes takes 2 tries.

Help appreciated. Anyone know what is up here?

I just tested, and it’s working fine for me.

Can you post your “Show Debug Info”? Have you tested in the Sandbox vault?

Sorry. I did not see this at the time.

I’ve stopped trying to get this to work. Will post again if/when I return to it.