What is this blank section and how do I get rid of it?

Things I have tried

I’ve toggled various things on and off in the three-dot menu, but none of those get rid of the blank section. I’ve searched the internet and forums for what it might be, no luck.

What I’m trying to do

This is a recent issue that occurs when starting up Obsidian. The only way I’ve found to get back to normal is to close the divided pane, and open a new one. I’d really like to find out what causes the extra section to appear so I can turn it off! Any help appreciated.

It is weird. It looks like a File Explorer Pane which appears in the wrong site. Maybe you should try to change the theme to check if it is related.

Yes, it is definitely weird. I’m using the Minimal theme. Just changed back to Default, and this is what it looks like in dark mode. Same issue, different colour scheme.

Try to close the divided pane, and save current workspace layout as a new layout by click the “Manage workspace layouts” button. This plugin could be found on “Setting → Core plugins → Workspaces”.

I am not sure whether this could fix it, but it worth to have a try.
Good luck.

I’d love to be able to close the divided pane! There’s no visible X to close it, and no 3 dots to pull up a menu to chose the Close option. I did as you suggested, saving a fresh pane as a new workspace. That didn’t work either, until I set the Homepage plugin to open the new workspace instead of the home page.

Strange. I’m glad the issue seems to be solved, but I’d really like to know what that section is, and how to dismiss it if it pops up again.

Maybe it is some kind of bug.
Anyway, it’s glad to hear that you’ve the problem.

And thank you for telling me the Homepage plugin, it is useful! Now I could set the Kanban board as the homepage.

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