What is the Refund Policy for Obsidian Publish?

Hi! I would like to try out Obsidian Publish before making final decision to use it.
The system asks me to pay once for the whole year, with monthly pay in-calculated.

If I want to try it out for a month, but decide not to use it;
Am I able to cancel out the payment and get a refund?
(Of course with some paymnet for the months I have used)

Sorry I couldn’t find it on the Help pages or the main website.

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I am not sure, so I am gonna let @silver clarify. However you can always get the month plan and then cancel or switch to the year plan if you like it.

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Thanks for your reply!
Your alternative suggestion works for me!
I couldn’t see that at first, before I saw your reply.
Thank you! :slight_smile: