What is the point of using anki inside obsidian?

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This post is not to shit on any of the obsidian to anki workflows; I am just genuinely curious of know if there are any advantages to using this workflow.

I have watched some youtube videos on this subject and the advantages they claim are usually

  1. Bulk add cards
  2. Bulk edit cards
  3. Add cards while inside obsidian
  4. Make connections from flashcards to other notes
  5. Reduce friction to add cards

Correct me if I am wront but,

  1. You can bulk edit and add in anki; with note types and also it has powerful search with regex support
  2. Anki should be open to add the cards anyway → Video by Bryan Jenks
  3. You can add obsidian url to the flashcards within anki to easily refer to the notes in obsidian(also you can use the frozen fields addon to make this easier to repititive entries)
  4. If you use image occlusion or cloze overlapper the worflow becomes more complicated if you try to maintain same content on both anki and obsidian(It will be amazing if anyone of you can share a better worflows for this, that I am not aware of)
  5. Do you really save that much time not having to change apps?

How I use obsidian and anki

I think of information as two distinct types

  • Concepts
  • Isolated

I am studying science, so there are a lot concepts that I need to understand and connect to other stuff. Obsidian to the best when it comes to this. But since I also have exams to attend where speed also matter and it is important to memorize formulae and shortcuts to problems. I consider these as the isolated information, which I put into anki with a extra field with a obsidian url

This creates a perfect seperation between the concepts and informatin that requires rote memorization.

Another random example would be if you trying to memorize the digits of pi. This is a very isolated information with no connections hence would be perfect to live in anki.

Again, if you found a workflow that works for you, more power to you. Just curious what your rationale was.

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