What is the function of having both a forum and a discord on Obsidian?

What is the function of having both a forum and a discord on Obsidian? Why not have one?

People have different preferences, and might want to use one platform and not the other. Personally I’m currently not using Discord, as I find that to time consuming.

I’m also not using reddit which also has an Obsidian community, if I’m not mistaken. Also a matter of personal preference.

There also some differences related to how it’s a lot easier to search the forum and keep question threads around, whilst Discord is much more of a here-and-now talk about issues. So all platforms have their advantages, so why not be on more than one?


Some people like forums. Some people like Discord.

Yes, Reddit also has an Obsidian community.

Lemmy also has a Obsidian community.

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As mentioned Discord has the problem that discussions not usually have any topic, hence it’s impossible to view or search separate discussions. This will not change in near future because there has to be reliable AI in Discord to recommend and possibly automatically give topics to discussions. It’s more productive to many discussions to have a topic that will draw the right users who have the appropriate knowledge. On the other hand some discussions in Discord can be productive if channel audience is well defined in terms of sharing knowledge about similar activities. This could be for example self language learning.

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