What is sim.js?

When loading pages from a publish site, the URL https://publish.obsidian.md/sim.js is loaded.

I’m wondering what it is, since it contains some web assembly code.

Relatedly, I was checking if any metrics or tracking systems were used on the system, other than whatever cloudflare provides as part of the service offering. I wasn’t able to find any - would it be possible to confirm that this is indeed the case, and have a statement assuring that into the future?

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sim.js contains the code for the graph.
There is nothing added. It’s possible that support for some tracking system (such as google analytics, etc) will be added in the future because many users are asking for those.
They will most likely be opt-in.

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Yes, it’s wasm code for graph optimization. It does not make any network call or manipulate cookies, you can verify that if you want.

We don’t do any tracking on your website, although we will add Google Analytics and custom script support by popular request. You can do a quick check with something like uBlock, or any analytics blocking extension.

In our EULA summary we have stated that we do not do anything that’s unnecessary delivering the services, which includes tracking.