What if I have a help request that has automatically closed with no response?

And, on top of that the question has been automatically closed.
How should I proceed? Can I ask the same question again? Can I ask to reopen the original one?

Moved to help.

What’s the link to the closed help request? If it was just older and automatically closed, I see no reason not to open a new one.

This one:

My doubt is because the forum doesn’t allow you to create a new post with the same exact title, so I thought there may be some reasoning against it.

I’ve reopened it for now and set a timer for it to close in 3 months like a new one.

Generally when a topic has closed it’s best to start a new one (you can link back to the old one if that’s useful).

I also changed the title of this post to better match what was being asked (was “What if I have a help request that has been already answered but got no response?”).

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