What if i disagree

It’s not too difficult if you just want to use the idea of the MOC. It’s basically a workbench for ideas, a place for ideas to interact with each other. Something you can revisit to continuously work on for that particular idea. I use MOCs for essays, a group of links, idea dumping, etc. What we should focus on is its resurfaceability, and how you can find it easily. All you do is put the word MOC within the note title so that you can search for it later.

I’d suggest taking up his course (I have) if you want to know more about a detailed structure - like having a top-down and bottom-up structure. He goes into more depth on MOCs for MOCs, from a Home note down to MOCs then down to atomic ideas, and so on. If you just watch his free youtube videos you can see how MOCs work enough.