What happens to files if my drive dies after I sync to another device?

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I have a general usability question,
What happens if i have a vault on device 1,
I am reading and using that vault info on device 2

And device 1 is destroyed?

Will I still be able to access the info on device 2?

Your vault is a unit of its own, so any vault synced anywhere is a complete vault. This means, that if one device dies, you are still able to get all of your vault information from the other device.

(That is, with exception of stuff not synced between the two devices, but this usually nothing to worry about.)

You might loose a little in configuration and metadata, depending on how your sync is setup, but the data itself should be there, and Obsidian should be well capable of rebuilding the metadata.

With all that being said, it’s still a good idea to backup your entire vault (outside of the vaults you’re syncing) every now and then, just to be on the safe side. Better safe, than sorry.

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Each device has a full copy of the vault (minus I synced changes as holroy says), so the destruction of one doesn’t affect the other.

If you accidentally deleted your notes on 1 device, that would sync over. But Sync has a file recovery thing, and Obsidian has its File Recovery core plugin, and of course you can restore from your device’s general backups.

Thank you both very much, that makes sense and I appreciate you taking the time to explain it.

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