What framework did the developer use to create Obsidian desktop application?

I’m just curious. Despite being only 1 person, the founder and main developer of the software is pushing releases across all 3 platforms (Windows, Linux and MacOS) consistently. He must be using some sort of desktop framework in order to push this out simultaneously right?

I don’t think he’s using any web-based framework either like Electron that runs on the Chromium engine. Because if that’s the case then there would already be a web-based version of this app. It also helps for me to decide on which framework to build my future application in next because I plan to make a cross-platform stand-alone desktop application like Obsidian is.

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There are two developers, two cats and a baby:
see: About - Obsidian



You are wrong, it does use Electron powered by Chromium under the hood. And I think there is some shared codebase between Obsidian, Obsidian publish and Obsidian mobile

I wonder what they use to render the markdown as HTML?

CodeMirror: https://codemirror.net

that’s the editor. Does it also take care of the conversion from markdown to HTML?

Sorry, I guess I’m not sure.

From Licat’s post, i presume the devs is using prism.js for rendering the reading view.

That’s just for syntax highlighting in code blocks.