What exactly does "everything under your wault" mean?


iOS 1.0.3

I read the relevant content in the help document, and I have some doubts about the exact meaning of this sentence. If I want to keep the vault settings, can I overwrite the .obsidian folder in iCloud with the local .obsidian folder on my mac?

yes you need to overwrite.

Thank you for your reply, but because there are many video files and image files, my Vault is a little bit large. Now I have moved all the files to Obsidian’s iCloud folder, but when I open Obsidian on my phone, it will get stuck on this interface:

And there is also a crash situation. Is this normal?

this is a different issue and only you can decide what to transfer.

Okay, but now there is a new problem. I tried to overwrite, but my computer prompts me: “You can’t do this because the file is not visible”, so I firstly deleted .obsidian folder on the iCloud and then moved the .obsidian folder on the mac into iCloud…
After sync, my folder became like this, and there was a stuck situation on the phone…

What should I do next?

It’s possible that your vault is too big for the iphone’s memory.
My adivice is to

  1. do a backup
  2. delete the whole 2021 on iclould
  3. start fresh and transfer less.

How big is your vault exactly?

172GB…But the capacity of my phone is 256GB

So, I need to delete 2021 first, then create a new 2021 on the phone, and move a few files in (not including the .obsidian folder on the computer)?

it’s not just about the disk space, it’s also about the RAM needed to handle that data.
I think you should be able to copy the .obsidian folder if you want to copy all your settings. It should work. Copy just that a few files and see if Obsidian starts.

In the case that I did not reduce the account of files, my phone can open the vault, but it will stuck… For the reason that my folder is constructed based on project, so there are many different types of files in the Vault: word, ppt, excel,psd… will these files affect the processing speed of obsidian? What is the maximum size of your suggested vault?

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