What are the pros and cons of creating a vault on a microdisc in a tablet?

Things I have tried

I have not done this yet, but I’d like to because I don’t want to use up the memory on my tablet.

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to make sure I have enough storage space in the future.

This doesn’t answer my question, but it is a helpful link to understand how the files are stored and synchronized. Obsidian Help - How Obsidian Stores Data

  • Reading and writing will probably be somewhat slower.
  • The storage probably won’t be encrypted like the internal storage is, so anyone that gets your phone could access your vault files.
  • I don’t know if this is still true, but SD cards used to be more prone to wearing out and failing than internal storage.

You can turn micro SD card into “adoptable storage” or “adopted storage” (or could a couple years ago when I last used Android). This treats it as internal storage, so it’ll be encrypted (good) but the slower speed will be more noticeable (bad). Also, you removing the card will cause problems. I used this system on my last Android phone (before I used Obsidian) and it was…tolerable. I think I’ve seen recommendations against doing it, but I don’t remember why.

Markdown files don’t use a lot of space, so depending on what you have, you might keep your vault on the device but keep any pictures, PDFs, etc. out of the vault and store them on the card.

Thank you. I’ve installed the SD card and am trying (a lot of trial and error) to get the vault moved to the new location. It seems like it should work by simply copying and pasting. Until I manage to get the vault moved, I won’t be able to test the SD card.

I used the PNY Pro Elite microSDXC Flash Card (A2, V30), 100MB/sec read speed, up to 90MB/sec write speed. This thing is fast.

Now I need to get it to sync.

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