Weird note overwrite with PNG file code


I’m having a weird problem with some notes getting overwritten. Posting here as I don’t know really where to start to troubleshoot. Sorry if this is not the right place.

So, some of my notes get randomly (at least to my knowledge; I haven’t been able to identify a pattern or trigger) replaced/overwritten by strange code beginning with �PNG. With time, I have come to realize that if I rename the files to have a .pngextension… they happen to become an image file that was once in my Vault, but currently does not exist :exploding_head: Sometimes they are just actual empty files that I mistakenly linked from somewhere and then removed (sometimes files created with strange characters in their names), but other times they are actual text notes that used to have written content in them.

Thankfully I am able to recover an older version from Sync most of the times when I detect this has happened to any note, but I am really scratching my head as to what might be happening here. Anybody have any clue? Or know where I could start looking to troubleshoot?

Thanks in advance!

OK, I think I might have started to nail it down. This (the content being replaced by weird PNG code) has been happening consistently any time I create a blank note in my tablet, and until I add some content to the note; having the blank note open, PNG code showed up regularly (on each sync, I guess?), but the minute I wrote something on the note, replacements went away.

I will have to check the interactions between syncing from the tablet, and my Obsidian settings in the tablet… :thinking:

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