Weird issues relating images with snap-package

What I’m trying to do

I am running Ubuntu 22.04 on a low-end laptop and had Obsidian installed via the officially provided deb-package with no issues what so ever. However, for updates I have to download the updated package, uninstall Obsidian and reinstall from the new package which gets old really quickly. So I tried the official snap-package expecting it to update automatically with all my other snaps. And that’s where the weirdness started…

The weirdness

Images just flat out did not work in any way shape or form. Opening them inside Obsidian displayed nothing, embeded wikilinks (I don’t know the technical term, I’m talking about those ![[image.jpg]]-links) displayed nothing and even images referenced by plugins (specifically Fantasy Statblocks) were just blank. All of this worked fine previously, again.

Things I have tried

So I looked around on the internet for other people that had trouble with their images and tried their approaches that seemed to help them. I tried the following things:

  • purging obsidian using
sudo apt purge obsidian
  • deleting ~/.config/obsidian
  • deleting the .obsidian-directory inside the vault
  • turning off all plugins
  • uninstalling all plugins
  • repeatedly uninstalling and reinstalling the snap-package after several combinations of the previously mentioned steps

Nothing worked for me.

What worked for me

Uninstalling the snap and installing the updated deb, landing back where I started…

Questions for the community

Has anyone encountered similar issues/weirdness? Might there be an issue with my shitty laptop/OS/installation of snapd? I haven’t tried the flatpak yet, primarilly because I just don’t happen to use flatpak for anything else. Are there any oppinions on the flatpak? Maybe some pros and cons? Does it integrate nicely with the desktop (main reason for choosing the deb previously and prefering snap to flatpak in general)?

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