Weird issue with minimal theme on iOS

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For some reason, fonts look VASTLY different in edit and preview modes on iOS using Minimal theme. It only happens when I enable the “style settings” plugin, which I want to use so that heading font sizes are different. On my computer, both edit and view look the same, but on iOS, the edit is HUGE … can someone advise? Thanks!!

Actually I’ve had the opposite issue. Edit font is ‘normal’ for me and Preview is much larger! No amount of experimentation seems to solve the issue. Love the Theme but hate this ‘issue’!

I have a similar problem.
I have customized the headings using the Style Settings plugin. On my Mac, everything looks great in both Edit and Preview - including the headings. On the iPad, however, the headings in Edit are slightly larger than in Preview but still acceptable.
Since I only adjusted the headings with the Style Settings plugin and normal text on the iPad looks the same in Edit and Preview, I suspect the problem is in the Style Setting plugin.

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