Weird directories name when open vault from directory

Steps to reproduce

This bug can be reproduced in two ways:

  • open a folder as vault
  • create a vault and click on the change location button

Expected result

I should be able to read and understand the names of the open directory dialog window directories

Actual result

I see unreadable names for each directory I have in my file manager


  • Operating system: Fedora 34 running KDE
  • Obsidian version: 0.12.19 snap
  • locale: en_gb

Additional information

This issue could be caused by KDE itself or maybe there is some sort of configuration to apply, it’s not like a big issue as I managed to create vaults and I don’t need to do it anymore but it’s annoying for sure.

this is a font issue on some some snap on some distro. Search the forum/internet for a solution

thanks for the additional information.
I tried following some of the solutions I found on internet but none fixed the snap font issue so I moved to the flatpak version with works flawlessly.