Week number differs from machine to machine

Steps to reproduce

Hi, I use the official Daily notes plugin to create a note for each day containing the number of the week. This is my filename format: “YYYY-MM-DD - dddd [week] ww”.
This way I have the files sorted based on date, plus I also have the Week number and day of the week (which is often easier to remember).
I share the vault across multiple machine running different operating systems: Windows, OSX and iOS.

Expected result

I expect Obsidian to agree on the name of the filename of the daily note acrose my devices.

Actual result

The week number is sometimes off e.g. today, on my Windows machine, Obsidian opens the file “2021-09-17 - Friday week 38” while my iPhone opens “2021-09-17 - Friday week 39”.


| Operating system | Obsidian version  |
| Windows 10          |         0.12.15           |
| iOS 14.7.1               |           1.0.4            |

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And it should be week 37.


Is it correct if you use the capital ‘WW’ format?

YYYY-MM-DD - dddd [week] WW

In my tests, this makes a difference.


Also make sure you have set the same locale in both systems. It might influence the start day of the week.

Is it possible to set the local specific for Obsidian or am I foced do it system wide?

Not sure how to do this on an iphone :-/

It does make a difference ‘ww’ is 39 and ‘WW’ is 38. But to day may machines agrees :-/

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