Web browsing pane?

Would be great to be able to do web-based research on a topic from right within the Obsidian window…

I imagine an ‘occasional’ pane on the right that can pop out of the side bar when required, within which the user can host their web browser of choice.

(I’ve done a pretty picture, here: https://tinyurl.com/59aa5nex )

Imagine being able to press a hot key, lasso an area on the browser and take an instant screen grab that embeds itself into the active ‘note’ (but can of course be moved around at will, copied, dragged to another note etc.)

(another picture: https://tinyurl.com/1awopn5x )

Think of the joy of being able to cut and paste text from websites straight into the active note!

Maybe Obsidian can already do this stuff? I don’t know, I’m quite new to it.

Big thanks to all the devs. Love it!