Weak linking on next line when using headers

How to reproduce:
Write a line with a header and on the next line you press tab and link to another note.

## **4. Uita-te in _notitele_ nefiltrate/inbox**
	[[6. Cum adaptezi sau creezi un nou TODO list prin care reduci cantitatea]] 

The link to the note works when you click it in itself, but:
Weak link to the note.
The link does not appear in the local graph in the note you are into, and does not appear in the local graph you are linking to.
If you have the Obsidian setting that modifies the references automatically in other notes if you modify a note’s name, it does not work in references such as above. References such as the one in the above example does not work.

you are using the code block syntax, that’s why it’s not working.

Obsidian uses markdown.
Markdown is plain text with some formatting and this does not include tabs to indent text like in WYSIWIG editors

Many users like Obsidian but wonder how Obsidian behaves, because they seem not interested to get what the Markdown format really is. Let’s read more about Obsidians markdown specifications

If you want more control over indents, you’re welcome to try out my theme Dune from Obsidians theme repo. More info here

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