Way to quick add notes?

Hi Augie, would you mind sharing some of your alfred workflow for getting the most out of obsidian? I have been using Alfred for a while, but never ventured much beyond the basics…Would love to learn from an experienced Alfred user

You’re most welcome :slightly_smiling_face: I suggest you also take a look at the thread Alfred - Obsidian Utilities - there’s a much more developed and capable set of Alfred utilities in there, which is what I’m using these days.

I made an autohotkey script for myself. It’s incredibly hacky and depends on my situation (and theme that I use), but maybe someone else finds it inspiring or useful:

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Thanks ShaneNZ for the pointer. I chanced upon it and bookmarked it for later reading and further hacking. Limiting my time on hacking the system so that I could actually get some real work done using Obsidian. For now, your script has been very useful

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You’re wiser than I :slight_smile: My first month on Obsidian was all hack, no work

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You can start vim in insert mode with vim File +star

I use nvAlt on Mac to quickly create and edit notes right into my Vault. nvAlt is now getting replaced by nvUltra. Both feature super fast searching and note creating. I don’t think the links work exactly the same, so i stick to basic MD.

This is awesome! Thanks so much!

For those who uses Windows can suggest to try qNote - my AHK script

I just learned about mem.ai, which is another note app based on links. At least for Mac users, it includes a Spotlight-equivalent, where you press ⇧⌘+Space, and a pop-up appears for either searching old notes, or writing a new one.

This is pretty much precisely the functionality I was looking for when I started this thread.

Unlike Obsidian, it keeps all your writing internally, so you can’t access your notes except through the app. For that reason, I’m probably staying with Obsidian, but it would be super super cool to see this functionality added on!


Have you looked into the Alfred workflows that exist? They might provide what you’re looking for.

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I’m not an Alfred user yet, so only at a distance. Probably the way to go.

Thanks so much. Exactly what I was looking for :+1:

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With respect to those who advocate for Alfred, I’d still vastly prefer a more Obsidian-specific solution.

Mem’s spotlight opens a popup, preloading any selected text into it, and giving the user the choice of saving the text to a new note, appending to an existing note, or creating a new blank note. If nothing is selected, the current webpage in your browser is saved as a link with a thumbnail snapshot of the screen.

The popup also allows one to quickly search all of one’s notes, allowing not only fast storage of new information but also fast access of existing information.

It’s an absolutely brilliant tool to make adding stuff to mem.ai frictionless.

I’m not sure it makes sense to have many Obsidian users (re)invent this kind of functionality with Alfred or whatever.

And I think it’d be a huge selling point for those who cannot or just don’t want to learn how to write an Alfred workflow.

This sounds like it would be a good #feature-requests for expanding the functionality of the existing quick switcher — or a plugin to offer a more powerful alternative. I suggest opening an FR for it.

The trick is, I don’t know if Obsidian can create a system-wide keyboard shortcut. It looks like there is some precedent for it in Electron, however:

There’s an existing feature request along these lines. I’ll add a reply there instead of starting a new one.

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I love Alfred and have used it for years, but I’m currently a big fan of Raycast. Raycast had a good API, and fast extensions/scripts development through an active community (on Slack). It’s also free for individuals.

There’s an Obsidian extension that can open a Vault, search notes and create notes. When creating a note, it gives you the possibility to add a title, define a path (to a folder) and add tags.
You can read more about it in this blog post.
Here is an Obsidian forum post from the author of the extension:

And yes, I’s love an Obsidian native shortcut for adding a note from any app too.


Thank you for mentioning my extension.

Just wanted to drop in an image as @unrelated specifically asked for a minimal „editor“ to add notes.

I guess the create note command does exactly that. You can open it system wide with a keyboard shortcut and then use a simple yet functional form to create a new note:


If you would like to request a new feature for it to make it even better, feel free to write an issue on the GitHub repo.

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