Way to place attachments in a new subfolder made per note

Currently, my images are scattered randomly from all my notes: I can fix this somewhat in settings > files & links, and changing the default location for new attachments in a subfolder per folder or into one massive folder-- the feature I’m attempting to look for is for an image folder to be made per note, to keep all the images of one note in one system folder.

ie: I have “Note A”, I paste twenty images into “Note A”, all twenty images are put into a newly created system folder titled “Note A attachments” - and ideally I could choose the location of this folder, so that all my attachment folders are located in one place, but individually organized. This would alleviate creating an entirely separate archive of images per note heading elsewhere in my system and an unnecessary duplication.

Even more ideally this would retroactively effect all my current notes and organize them

Thank you

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