Way to have obsiadian update relative paths when moving a file

Not sure if this would be a feature request or a bug or if I just don’t have a setting set correctly but heres the scenario.

I have set obsidian use relative links when I insert media into a note. Right now I have this media being dropped into a default ‘media’ folder within my root directory. The issue is if I move a note to a different subfolder or something, the internal relative link path does not update when I do the ‘source view’. However, the image still displays so it seems obsidian is updating the link behind the scenes. Is this a bug? Is there a way to have things so that the links in the source are also updated when I move a file? I would like to have this in case I decide to use other applications to view my note files (and incorrect link paths embedded in the source might cause issues).

Would …

be of any use?

Awesome, thank you. Ya it seems to be updating the relative path to the image file for me when I move the note

Do you have “Automatically update internal links” toggled on under “Files & Links” in the settings?

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