WARNING! Data Loss when using Filename Header Sync (1.5.0) plugin | Update: Fixed in v1.5.1

I’ll follow up with an issue report on the Github repo of the plugin’s author, but I wanted to get this out as soon as possible to prevent further data loss.

This morning, I noticed that some of my image files in my Obsidian vault were corrupted and didn’t know why. I retraced some steps and found that the very useful Filename Header Sync plugin was corrupting every image that I opened through Obsidian. Here are the details:

  1. I first turned off all plugins and opened some JPG, PNG and PDFs with Obsidian. All good.
  2. I turned on Filename Header Sync and tried to open the same images. Each image opened fine, but was modified. As soon as I tried to reopen each image, it failed to open in Obsidian or at the filesystem level. Each image was modified and corrupted. Yikes!!

Here is a demo:


This was fixed quickly by the author with v1.5.1, which adds a guard to block functionality on all files except .md. Tested on my end and works.

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