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I am a mental health Therapist who has tried evernote and Notion among a dozen others as a way to be more efficient in working with my clients. I need to keep notes on clients as well as addresses and phone numbers and other relevant information. I am not sure if Obsidian will work or not. I am looking for any suggestions. I like what I see so far and really want to be able to use just one program and I am hoping it is this one.

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I use it for the same, @scampbell70. I thought about Notion, but it’s not secure. I use vCita, but it’s so inconvenient. I have templates for new clients and for SOAP and STEP notes. In Daily Notes, I have my interactions which are then put in the client note with link back to the Daily Note. This makes it easy to see calls and emails with clients. I can hover over them to see what it was about or click to open the note. My client note has all their information in YAML so I can make a dataview page for all the clients. I then have headings of dates with sessions and other contact. I love being able to link things. For example, if your client has anger management issues, I link it to anger and I have all my interventions listed on that page so I can get ideas. Each intervention has its own page as well so I can link it to a client and know what I have done in the past. I can also see on the intervention page who I have used that intervention with and how it worked out. You can also print their file as a PDF for storage or to give to a referral if needed. For signed paperwork, I just note the form and where it’s stored rather than upload it.


@allanelder I would love to see your pages and templates is there any way you could share them?

Here is a basic client template. I use a different format for couples. I used to have sections for other things but backlinks and inclusions eliminated most of it. Payment data is in vCita so I don’t need it here. Since I have a template for SOAP notes, I just go to the end of the file, put in the date and name then add the template fo fill in. I have an index of interventions by type and often bring that up so I can review potential approaches which I can then just link into the client file. By adding a to-do, I have a reminder of what to ask about next time. I used to have a dataview of the to-do items but that became unworkable as they don’t always do their homework and it left debris for me have to overlook. Contact Notes are calls and emails. So, if a client calls, in Daily Notes, I create an entry such as 2022-04-08 20:43 phone - John Doe then later move to the file. You might want to put the duration of calls in too so if it’s abused you can discuss how much time you’ve spent. Still a work in progress. Look forward to your ideas.

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  • Picture if available.
  • Check the graph view, forward, and backlinks for any relations that might be key.


On File:

  • [ ] Disclosure of services
  • [ ] Limits of confidentiality
  • [ ] Request for referral


  • :woman:t2:‍:handshake:‍:woman:t2: Recommended or referred by:
  • :woman:t2:‍:handshake:‍:woman:t2: Link to other people connected to this person.


  • :bell: Use to do plugin here


  • :+1: Anything this person recommended so I can link back to recognize or thank.
  • :+1: Anything I recommended to client

Contact Notes

[date + type + name]

Session Notes

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