Wanted: A theme that looks similar to the one help.obsidian.md uses

Things I have tried

I searched the message board and looked at help.obsidian.md itself.
Searched the internet for similar themes, browsed and tried some of the most popular community themes from Obsidian’s Settings/Appearance tab.

What I’m trying to do

Get a theme that looks like or very similar to the one used on the website help.obsidian.md. It looks neater and information is easier to find than in the other themes I’ve tried.

I think it’s just the default theme in light mode :eyes:



@boar Go to Preferences → Appearance → Base theme, and choose light.

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Thanks for the fast replies! Yeah, that’s the theme I’ve been using. It still doesn’t look the same to me but it’s also possible that that has something to do with the way my browser displays text (don’t know enough about browsers to be able to say whether that’s a good explanation).
Edit: just checked with a different browser, yep, it seems to be browser specific.

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