Want to prevent mouse wheel from changing number properties

While writing a document, (the number property is pressed) the number property value changes when the mouse wheel is turned. Sometimes I get angry because the value changes when I didn’t intend to.

Editing the number property using the mouse wheel is a feature that is not often used, and I hate that it sometimes causes errors.

Is there a way to prevent the number property from being modified through the mouse wheel by configuring this?

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I want to +1 to prevent this issue from auto-closing.

Sometimes when i leave cursor in the property input box and scroll down the document, the property value decreases by several units. You can miss it because you scrolled past it.

If a feature request for this doesn’t exist, you may want to create one. If you do, make sure to follow the instructions in the template to make sure the behavior isn’t caused by a plugin. (I barely use properties so don’t know its default behaviors well.)

I changed the post title to more clearly state the request (was “Want to configure property change by mouse wheel”).

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