"Waiting for iCloud to synchronize Obsidian configuration files..." is displayed and delays the start of Obsidian on iOS

I am seeing this label each time I open up Obsidian on iOS (iPhone and iPad):

Waiting for iCloud to synchronize Obsidian
configuration files…

Below it, there’s a “Skip”-button.

My issue with this is that seems to take a few moments each time, and I am under the impression that it takes longer if I’m not on Wifi–on the go I remember instances where I took more than 10 seconds, with me giving up before it loaded, which is useless while on the go…

I searched the forum and the help on https://help.obsidian.md on what this does/whether it’s in place because of some setting I chose to do/it is something I can actively prevent, but I did not find anything.

So here are the question (I implicitly already asked):

  • why is this sync needed?
  • is it standard behaviour or due to some setting I did?
  • can I actively do something to prevent this from showing each time?

Thanks for any hints in advance!

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