Wading through the migration from Roam material

I know there is a lot here and elsewhere on this topic, but (as a not particularly technical person) I’m finding it all confusing, and trying to figure out where to start. I’m an academic with a zettelkasten and notes in Roam (all with lots of block references). I’d like to get it all into Obsidian in a usable format. At this point, is there some single recommended set of procedures or tutorial to get this going? Thanks, and apologies for inquiring into something about which I see there is already a (confusing) flood of information and discussion.

I think @TfTHacker or @smurfman111 had a straightforward method but I can’t find it now. Hopefully they can help!

Thanks very much! If @TfTHacker, @smurfman111, or anyone else has suggestions about where to start, I’d be obliged.

DM me on Discord.

Thank you. Will do.

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