VoiceOver reading in the Editor

In brief, when reading any document with VoiceOver (VO) that’s longer than the screen, that is to say, the document can not all fit on the screen at once, VO cannot ‘see’ anything not on screen. When this happens it prevents scrolling in the document and prevents VO form reading it.

Steps to reproduce

  • Have a longish document.
  • Have VoiceOver On
  • Engage with the editor portion
  • VO Navigate Down through text

Expected result

As VO reads text, it scrolls the document until it reaches the bottom/end of content.

Actual result

VO stops reading at the end of the window. The document does not scroll. VO menus and searches do not recognize anything not on screen.


macOs Big Sur
Obsidian 12.0

Obsidian is mostly accessible with VoiceOver, but could be really improved. This particular issue makes using Obsidian essentially impossible as longer documents just can’t be read. The notes landscape for folks with vision issues is… barren. Experts have advised me to use macOs’s TextEdit for my all my notes and documents (I’m a PhD student). I hope that gives you a sense of why this sort of thing matters. I’m happy to be as engaged in the resolution and improvement process and would be helpful / supportive. Obsidian is just amazing, and I love it. Thanks to devs for the hard and creative work!

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does this happen in editor or in preview or both?

THis is likely due to Obsidian optimization to render only what is on view. It makes Obsidian snappy on very large documents.

Sorry for the long term reply - I happens in both modes.

It makes a ton of sense for this functionality - it just makes it unusable. I cannot express how much better Obsidian is - I’ve had to ‘resort’ to using Roam. I’d love to do some testing and help support access however I can!

Have you had the chance to test the new editor in obsidian 0.13+? does it work better with screen readers.?