VLOOKUP type functionality in Meeting notes

Things I have tried

Tried to search Templater showcase

What I’m trying to do

I would like to create a meeting template.
What I would like to achieve:

  1. Insert date etc (Easy)
  2. Have a section about Person being discussed (Say Student). Have a folder where Person(Student) gets created, if doesn’t exist already. The Person note will then have data which I would like this meeting Template to pull in automatically - say Gender, DOB
  3. Section with People attending (Staff)- like above accept names and create a note in Staff folder. Staff will have different fields like Role, Department etc. and then pull this into the meeting template.
  4. Have a section with agenda, actions etc
  5. Then, if a previous meeting exists under meeting folder with Name, then pull in previous meeting’s actions

Would this better done with Dataview or templater? Or some other option I haven’t thought of

I understand its a big ask, but I would appreciate any pointers, or examples

Thanks in advance

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