Visually disinguish different vaults

Use case or problem

I would like to be able to visually distinguish different vaults (like private vault and work vault) at one glance. One way of achieving this would be using different themes. However, I already have a favorite theme that I would like to use in both vaults.

Current workaround (optional)

I am currently using different accent colors in both vaults. The problem is that only few parts of the window are affected by that color (mostly the links).

Proposed solution

It would be nice if e.g. the navigation bar or top bar could be (as an option) completely shown in that accent color to make it more apparent which vault the window belongs to.


You could use a CSS snippet to make the element(s) of your choice use the accent color.

There are many ways to do this, but not all of them user-friendly. The Style Settings plugin can modify some theme, you can maybe try that.

The Minimal Theme can use a colorful window frame using a vault-specific accent color. Maybe you can steal the CSS from that (or use the theme itself).

I have 3 vaults, all open all the time. Each has its own accent color. Works great!

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You need the Minimal theme settings plugin to do that, right? Are both already supporting Obsidian 1.0?

you can use different themes, you can use different accent colors, you can use the regular obsidian frame with the title.

Yes, they are.

The problem is that the accent color is not really visible much in the vault except for the links. The regular obsidian frame also has the normal background color. And I actually like the default theme and want to have my vaults to appear similarly otherwise (font sizes, how headings are displayed etc.).

Using the minimal theme now with “colorful window frame” setting as suggested by @voostindie . That’s approximately what I had in mind. Would still be nice if that would be supported by the default theme as well.

It is. Just add a CSS snippet to change the titlebar colour to anything you wish:

--titlebar-background: red;
--titlebar-background-focused: red;

You can give each vault a different coloured snippet.

CSS snippets are under Settings > Appearance.


Yes, that works. But you either need to know how to style Obsidian or do lengthy researches in forums. Not as user friendly as a simple switch in the settings. But I understand that settings can also become overloaded if everything is made possible.

But for me the snippet only works if I apply the CSS to an element. So to use the accent color for the titlebar, I would do this:

body {
 --titlebar-background: var(--color-accent);
 --titlebar-background-focused: var(--color-accent);

Instead of or in addition to --titlebar-background, you could also use --ribbon-background.


Exactly :+1: I’m quite grateful that so many aspects of Obsidian are only optional. I have most of the “core” plugins turned off as I have no need for them, and it’s that kind of efficiency-focused streamlined approach that I love.

Great work figuring out the body part, I had forgotten to mention that part, sorry!

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