Visualize directories/folders as tags on graph-view

Use case or problem

I would love being able to say a folder is “Special/Auto-tagged” so that every single file inside the folder “People”, whenever visualized inside the graph-view is grouped AS IF they all had the same tag #Person

More details of my use case

I just migrated from using MOC-like index files to using tags, whenever the items do not have anything in common to support that link, example:
I had a file “_People” that contained only a list of links to the individual person files. (the underline is so that it is the first file in the folder of the same name)
However each person is linked on different notes, such a book or daily…
AND every single person is inside the “People” folder, all this duplication of info makes it easy to have inconsistencies, such as a person not being in the right folder.

Now with the tag #Person inside the file and the file being inside the folder People, I still have this duplicated data that is more to take work to update and possible source of inconsistency.



A feature like this can help improve the organization of notes.

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I approve that