Visual ‘gap’ on the bottom of left pane

Steps to reproduce

I kept two notes below the file explorer (left sidebar) for sometime. When I moved them back into the usual notes section a “visible gap” appeared below the left sidebar that you cannot get rid of: The lelft folder pane can no longer be resized to full height.

Expected result

I tried all I could think of (including reinstalling Obsidian)

Actual result

The gap remains there no matter what I tried.


  • Operating system: Windows 11
  • Obsidian version: V.0.12.16

what’s your installer version?

What happens if you close and reopen obsidian?


Nothing changes with close/open obsidian. The only way problem disappears is if I copy/paste all notes + folders (except the .obsidian folder) and open the new location as a new vault.

Related to this, perhaps?

Empty panes will be removed on startup if the plugin that created it has been uninstalled or disabled


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Very likely!.. These two notes included dataview queries. But why the inability to resize the file folder back to its full length?

Could you DM me on discord your workspace file in .obsidian?

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will do it tonight when I get back home (the issue is on my windows PC I use at home)


will be fixed 0.12.17

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Thank you :v:

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