Visual bug on window?

I’m not sure if this is a bug or not, or if there is some way I can fix it. Twice now when wake up my laptop and Obsidian was open when it was put to sleep, I have this weird visual bug, of …empty space?.. near the top of the window covering the menus and tabs. I can solve this by copying the vault into a new vault - any idea what is happening or what steps I can take to troubleshoot further?

The red arrows point to the issue. You can see a purple strip that is a chosen tab that is being blocked by this empty box. On the right, you can see another vault opened up that is behaving normally.
when I left click on the empty space, the context menu that pops up acts like i’m clicking on whatever is ‘behind it’, like the tab (pin, close, split, etc), or top windows bar (minimize, maximize, close, etc.)

Well I guess I may have posted this too soon. i’m not sure if this is “solved” or not but it was a theme issue - problem went away when I changed themes.

Thanks anyway!

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