Vision Pro and Obsidian, a new way to interact?

Vision Pro Native App

obsidian is super powerful, and I think using AR/VR/Spatial computing could make it even better. Sometimes it can be hard to wrangle a ton of notes together especially in graph view. It’s also tough to be limited to a an iPad windo in a lot of cases

Proposed solution

This is obviously a very minority request, as the Vision Pro is expensive and will not likely catch on for at least another couple generations or so. But I imagine a day where I can blow up my graph around my (think Tony stark iron man style exploding things around the room) and being able to walk through my node graph, pluck out an idea here or there, pull up a window to read or edit that note, etc. While I’m not suggesting any new “features” in obsidian as I love everything there, I’m suggesting a new way of interacting with obsidian, in 3 dimensions. Again, I realize this is a very minority request and will likely never be high on the docket of things to add, but hope maybe one day I can stroll through my graph!

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