Virtual Character Keyboard Blocking Input Text (Chinese Japanese Korean)

Steps to reproduce

  1. Switch to Chinese Input Keyboard (macOS) Pinyin - Simplified (should be already available as a keyboard)
  2. Start typing pinyin (i.e. wo zai shi shi da zi)

Expected result

The pinyin text should be shown above the character selection tool as in other apps.

Screen Shot 2020-08-31 at 7.12.26 PM

Actual result

The input text is being covered by the keyboard


  • Operating system: macOS Catalina (10.15.6)
  • Obsidian version: v0.8.8 (Installer Version v0.7.3)

Steps to reproduce

Expected result

Actual result


  • Operating system: Windows 10
  • Obsidian version: v0.8.15

Additional information

I am a Chinese user and I need to use Chinese to take notes. When I am typing, I cannot see the letters but only the corresponding Chinese. So it’s hard for me to see and modify when I type in something wrong. I have no ways but to delete all of them and type again. Really annoying. I really hope Obsidian can be like this.

It is an issue, for now you can swich the edit window with preview to solve it.
So when you are typing on the left side, it will not be blocked.

I made two GIF to compare the floating input box between Obsidian and Typora for others to easier understand this problem.

In Typora, no matter how do you move the window, the input box will not block the text.

On the other side, input box in Obsidian will be blocked if you are too close to the edge.

You mean using the preview and edite window at the same time and seeing the letters in the preview window? It can partially solve the problem.
And for me, I use Typora as my first choice of editor to avoid this typing situation while Obsidian is doing great in linking notes together!
Thanks for your answer and I hope Obsidian can fix this in future version.

I’m a Japanese user. I have the same problem with converting Hiragana into Kanji (Chinese character).

The predictive transformation window of the IME overlaps the character.


the predictive window should be like this.


Besides, after converting characters, the prompt automatically moves to the editor from the title bar. Obsidian copies title letters to a note without permission.



OS : macOS catalina (10.15.7)
IME : Google 日本語入力
Obsidian : v0.9.10 (installer v0.9.3)

In Japanese environment:


2020-11-04 JapaneseInputObsidian


2020-11-04 JapaneseInputNeovim

about this behavior

this page, which is japanese, says that a application doesn’t tell the character size of input area to ime.

This is happening after version 0.8.5.
v0.8.4 was ok.
(macOS Mojave 10.14.6 and Catalina 10.15.6, Google Japanese Input)



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will be fixed in 0.9.13


It appears fixed! Thanks!


It appears fixed. and there is a little problem.

2020-11-19 ObsidianIME

I hope that the underline will not be hidden.