Vincinity search

Use case or problem

I want to be able to search for notes by filter (e.g. notes that contain a word) based on max distance from some note. E.g. I know that somewhere around the note JavaScript there will be a note not too far that discusses how different equals operators differ. I would normally attempt to filter local graph of certain depth by word, however, if the intermediary notes don’t pass the filter, the fact that a transitive node would is not enough to show it.

Proposed solution

Maybe a toggle in Local graph filter (I actually expected this behavior to be default in local graph and first opened up a bug ticket for this. In local graph, note fitting line filter is filtered out unless a path of filter passing notes to it exists from central node - #2 by WhiteNoise)

Steps to reproduce

  • Create four notes with links like this:

A → B → C → D

  • All can be empty, D will contain word
  • show local graph with A as center, of depth 5
  • filter with line(word)

Desired result

A and D would show, disconnected.

Actual result

Only A as center is visible.

Additional information

I understand why it’s filtered out — there’s no path to it after the intermediate nodes are filtered out. However, that wasn’t what I expected initially. Maybe it could be a toggle.

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