Vim normal mode inconvenience inside links

There are 2 inconveniences with Vim keybindings inside links

  1. To enter normal mode inside a link I have to press esc twice (first one to exit the suggestions context menu)
    - I want ability to enter vim mode by pressing esc once (I know I can use Ctrl+C but I’m not used to it, my keyboard already has esc button as caps)
  2. If I want to link jump to an embedded link like this ![[link to a note]] then the caret can’t be on the first character of the note name. It has to be on the characters highlighted in white:
    - I want to be able to link jump with caret on any character from the embed link: ![[link to a note]] including the ! sign

Could you please make a separate post for each request, and title them with the request, not the problem they’re meant to address? That will make it easier to track and discuss them. Thanks!


I’ve created 2 feature requests for each case:

Should I delete this topic?

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Nah, I’ll just close it. Thanks!