VIM mode - Ctrl+D cursor then deletes the line

Steps to reproduce

Have VIM editing mode enabled. Press Ctrl+D.

Expected result

Cursor should just jump half page down.

Actual result

Cursor jumps as expected and then deletes the line it ended up at.


  • Operating system: Windows
  • Obsidian version: 0.8.14

Additional information


you have to remove ctrl-d from the shortcuts in the shortcuts page.

Well that is some way of solving it, but I like to use Ctrl+D in INSERT mode to remove lines.
To me this is still a bug as it clearly does two things where it should do just one. This is also not indicated nowhere in the app so the behavior is unexpected. Sounds a lot like a bug to me :wink:

Also with that solution you will be closing probably one such bug report for each vim user because the problem isn’t solved globally, but only locally for me (and in a very not satisfying way).

My advice is to remap the clashing combination to some other shortcut.
We have no plans to intermingle VIM mode shortcuts and Obsidian shortucts in the short-term.

Ok I understand. I’ve remapped the key for myself and don’t suffer from this anymore. I’d love to see more work put into VIM mode as it’s somehow lacking (but usable).

Do you guys have any plans on adding VIM text objects (near or far future)? I use them daily in my IDE and am always surprised in obsidian where they don’t work at all.

Note that if we get Support loading Vim commands from configuration (vimrc-style), once you unmap CTRL+D from Obsidian, you can permanently imap it for Vim mode :pray:

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