Vim mapping fails after changing mode

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I am trying to get the hang of obsidian vim, but looks like there is a serious problem with it. Whenever key mapping that It causes to exit the normal mode it stops at that step, it work fine of course in gVim. lets say a very simple command like :nmap ii stops after going into the insert mode and don’t put the i after that (same with O o c keys I have tried, but a key sequence like re which stays in ). that is really weird, I wonder how people using at all

Steps to reproduce

for example, map :nmap w ii to switch to insert mode and type i.

Expected result

switch to insert mode, type i

Actual result

it switches to insert mode but not doing anything after that


  • Operating system: Windows10, version 0.14.06 (installer 0.14.05)
  • Debug info:

Additional information

Does it happen is source mode?
Does it happen here

Yes that is happening there too

ok open a bug report upstream. You don’t need to involve obsidian. Just reproduce the bug in the simple demo page.