Vim in Obsidian for beginners

Edit: since posting what is below earlier, I have found some decent YouTube videos and am considering putting together the sort of guide that I was requesting. But still, if anyone has a good source, please let me know. Thanks.

I am trying to learn vim and was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction to try to efficiently learn the concepts and key bindings that are useful or operational in Obsidian.

I checked out the endless code mirror document with all the bindings and left more confused than I had arrived.

The ability to select a line with a keystroke and being able to do things like copy from cursor to end of line or go to beginning of document and even set markers to return to are all very cool.

I guess my question is, short of just reading up and experimenting with key bindings and concepts, is there a list or guide that could be useful for me to do this in a way more tailored to the specific implementation in Obsidian?

I am not expecting it to be easy, and understand there is a bit of a steep learning curve and am ready to take that on. However, would be happy to compromise for some sort of middle ground.

Thanks in advance.