Viewing an already-pinned note when clicking a link to it

Hi - I have a generated note of links to external files, organized in an outliner-style hierarchy. Works great, but it’s a large note of 260,000 words and takes a bit of time to load. So I’ve pinned it, and drag it in from a tab on the right sidebar when I need it.

But any links to this note open a new rendition of it. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a square-bracket link, an Obsidian URI, File Navigation, or even the Quick Switcher.

So I’m wondering what’s state of the art in linking to a note that’s already pinned or tabbed in the sidebar, quickly recognizing its existence and moving it to center pane. Perhaps a plug-in or an option I’ve missed.

Have searched for “pinned pane”, “tabbed pane”, “pinned note”. Existing approach of dragging the note to center pane from a sidebar works well enough, but seems clunkier than it could be.


As far as I know, obsidian can’t recognize if a note is already open or not. If you click a link, it will open that link - regardless if it is already open in another pane.

I am not quite sure if I understood you right: did you drag the note into your sidebar or is it open in another pane?

Edit: And just out of interest - what is your goal of clicking a link to a note that’s already opened anyway?

Thanks, @alltagsverstand. The note is tabbed in the sidebar when I drag it there. I’d like to click links to it to view it in center pane, as easily as I would any other note. Also have a navigation note with links to the most active notes, mainly Kanban boards, but this one among them.

Clicking on a link is just a bit easier than opening the sidebar, finding the right tab, and dragging it to the spot that fills the center space.


I am not quite sure what you mean by this… If you click a link to a note it will always open in the main (pane) area!?

Anyway, you can’t directly link to a note in one of the sidebars.

Yep. The disadvantage in this case is that I’d be slow-reloading a document of two million characters that is already in the buffer as a sidebar tab. Just looking for the easiest way to get the existing rendition front and center.

I think the easiest way would be to allow establishing custom hotkeys for custom sidebar tabs. This could be a feature request.

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