View in Finder

In File Explorer and in “More options” (the three dots at the top of each document), the context menu for a document/older can show a “View in Finder” option.


It would be “View in Explorer” for Windows, but I agree that this would be handy. :+1:
Also as an option on the right-click menu in the file explorer.

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Pretty sure this is an idea for plugin (like the ‘Open in default app’ one).

While I agree that this could be a plugin, I think this makes sense as a core feature.

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This would really help e.g. for managing assets and/or attachments.

Another vote for this feature. It would also be incredibly useful to be able to open a folder in the Finder with a context click. Sometimes I need to add a PDF to a folder which requires separate finder navigation steps.

This feature has been implemented (see the Show in Folder context menu option available when clicking the note menu and when right-clicking a note in the File Explorer).