View daily note doesn´t work


why does the code below not work?

I have my daily notes in a folder and would like to display the current entry of the day on my dashboard.
my calendar entries for the days are in the format:

FROM "4 Kalender" 
SORT desc

the entries are empty :frowning:

Is there a file that matches your criteria in the first place?

yes :slight_smile:
the file is called for example

I notice you use the German notation of the date in the file name. Please try, whether ISO-Notation solves your issue first: Rename the file into 2023-08-04.

P.S.: Sorry, I’m an idiot. You said that in the first posting :smiley:

Try this one, if changing the notation helped:

SORT desc
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this is perfect.
it works well, thanks for the help :slight_smile:

would there be the possibility on any way that you do not get the date displayed, but the whole content of that day?

I think not possible or?

it would be nice if i could then create a callout and when i unfold it, then see the whole current day.

it is an idea that would be useful :slight_smile:

In theory you could do that with the function embed (Functions - Dataview), or by string concatenation (“![[” + + “]]”.

I haven’t managed to embed a whole file this way, however. It works pretty well if the file is an image, though.

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Just something that hit me :slight_smile: If you Ctrl-hover over the link, you’ll see it anyway. If you’re using the plugin HoverEditor, you can even edit the file in a floating window directly. Editing won’t work in an embedded file.

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thanks for the hint. i know that, is also a possibility, sometimes there are many possibilities :slight_smile:

i’ll try :slight_smile:

best regards

To get to today’s daily note from anywhere, I use the obsidian-advanced-uri plugin …

[DAILY] (obsidian://advanced-uri?vault=yourVaultNAME&daily=true)

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