Vertical indentation guide mystery misalignment

Why is there this slight vertical indentation guide line misalignment when I edit md lists in my vault?
What is the difference between these two indents that they display different?
This is in files imported from Roam that I then edit BUT I did a find and replace of the “ -” spacing in the document to be exactly what obsidian itself produces and the problem persists!

See below for image and file that creates image (nb. same problem with theme disabled + all plugins)

image (181 Bytes)

Things I have tried

  • disabled theme and plugins (obviously).
  • turned indentation setting off and on again
  • find and replaced the “ -” spacing in the document to be exactly what obsidian itself produces.

What font are you using? Is it a monospaced font? Typeface designers use different values for font spacing, and this can cause your problem when not using a monospaced font.


Hey Barry, thanks for the input - for a sec I thought you had it! But the problem persists even with default theme and font (which is monospaced).

See below a better test file - the top block is (so far as I know) identical to the bottom block but they align different and actually the ‘Outliner’ plugin works on the bottom one but not the top one?! I’m baffled.

test (1).md (355 Bytes)

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