Version History Not Showing Up

Things I have tried

This is also the case with all of my notes.

How do I see Version History of my notes?

What I’m trying to do

I’m trying to file an old version of one of my notes. When I clicked on Version History, it comes up as blank.

Can you show us the complete screenshot? (Feel free to blur the file name).

Are these files being synced or have they been excluded from selective sync?
Did you move or rename files recently?

Hi Argentum,
sorry I missed your reply. I just realised that the sync history are for those who pay for the add-on. Is that correct?

If so, are there any other workarounds to obtain file history (note: I use iCloud to sync my files fo obsidian iOS use, though I would wish it works for dropbox instead)


Hi @darylchc, that is indeed a sync feature. I’m not aware of any version history being available for iCloud, but maybe others can comment on that.

The closest would be the file recovery plugin, but that only saves the version data temporarily (depending on how you have configured it) and only applies to your notes (not settings like with Obsidian Sync).

BIG THANKS for your help!

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