Version Control / Note history for notes - For linked ideas can we create feature to keep track how the idea is evolving?

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Use case or problem

I would like to keep track of my prevous thoughts and how they evolve.
Also I would love to be able to keep an older version so when I change a linked idea, and becaause of a change in one it breaks the flow on others. So that I can seperate the link and go back to the older version.

Proposed solution

There could be a button to keep track of changes that were made in a selected block of text, once that is enabled when a change is implemented, there might be another button to commit or remember.

We can limit it to 10 or something like that if it would make an engineering challange to remember all commits

Current workaround (optional)

My solution for this right now create a note for one idea and copy paste it down and change the link to the last version

Related feature requests (optional)

I couldn’t find any similar request. Do let me know if I missed it


If you use Sync then you have version control at the file level. For finer control you could use a Git repository and GitHub - denolehov/obsidian-git: Backup your vault with git to give you all the power of Git. There’s a beginner’s guide at

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