Version 0.12.3 is still marked as Beta on website

Steps to reproduce

Navigate to the main website and view the Download button for the version number. I’m on linux so it shows the AppImage link by default if that matters.

Expected result

Shows the latest stable version

Actual result

It shows “Beta version 0.12.3”


  • Operating system: Kubuntu

Additional information

I personally don’t want to use the beta track of this application right now. I would not expect the main download link to ever show the beta track. I did see the release announcement that 0.12.3 is fully released so I assume it’s on the stable track now but the link still lists it as beta causing confusion.

Obsidian as a whole is still in beta. There is no stable track.
The insider build is just a development release.

Some additional information about semantic versioning:

  1. Major version zero (0.y.z) is for initial development. Anything MAY change at any time. The public API SHOULD NOT be considered stable.
  2. Version 1.0.0 defines the public API. The way in which the version number is incremented after this release is dependent on this public API and how it changes.

It is not about what is publicly released, but rather about how likely (and fast) things can change. As whitenoise mentioned, the app is still under development.