Vault won't sync anymore and iOS app keeps adding 1,000 folders every time I open it

The problem

When I open up Obsidian on iOS, iPhone and iPad Pro, the folder count immediately starts counting up at about 1 folder per second. So it now says I have upwards of 10,000 folders. I don’t. I don’t actually see any folders, but that’s what it’s doing.

It also won’t sync my content either. I made notes on my Daily Notes page for today on my iPhone and it hasn’t synced to any other device. I also made changes to my CSS Snippets on Desktop and it hasn’t synced to any other device either.

I am using Obsidian Sync too, which has usually been super reliable.

Things I have tried

I’ve tried disabling sync on all the devices (iPhone, iPad Pro, MacBook Pro) and then turning them on one by one. They still won’t sync.

What I’m trying to do

I’m just trying to get sync to work normally and for it to stop adding folders to my folder count.

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